Stanford University

Lab Alumni

José Andrade Lopez

José  investigated the structure of the enteropneust nervous system by defining the diversity of neural cell types, their distribution and connectivity in the developing juveniles of Saccoglossus. He is currently a postdoc at Genentech. 

Nat was a PhD. student in the lab from 2012 - 2018. His thesis focussed on the evolution of multicellularity and used the anemone Nematostella vectensis to investigate the evolution of cell adhesion using both a developmental and biochemical approach. 

Jens was a postdoc in the lab from 2009 - 2016 working on posterior growth and the evolution of body plans. He is currently a Research Assistant Professor in Elena Casey's lab at Georgetown University. 

Andrew was in the lab from 2007-2009 as a PhD. student and is now an Assistant Professor at University of Cambridge in the Department of Zoology. 

Paul was a PhD. student in the lab from 2012-2017- he developed Schizocardium as a new model for the lab,  and is now a postdoc in the Baxevannis Lab at NIH. 

Stephen was a PhD. student in the lab from 2007-2012. He worked on mesoderm specification and development in Saccolgossus and is currently a Postdoc in Marianne Bronners lab at Caltech. 

Chris Lang

Chris worked in the lab as a summer intern for a few years and is now in a PhD program at UC Santa Cruz in Environmental Studies. 

Judith Levine

Judith did a Masters degree in echinoderm body patterning and graduated in 2014

Andrew Miller

Andrew worked for several summers as an intern working on echinoderm development and website construction. He is now an environmental attorney at Shute Mihaly and Weinberger in San Francisco. 

Paul Minor

Paul worked on the evolution of gene regulation as a postdoc and is now a staff scientist at BioRad. 

Ari was a PhD. student in the lab from 2008-2013. He worked on the evolution of deuterostome brains in the lab and following a postdoc with Bob Goldstein at UNC Chapel Hill, he is starting his own lab in the Department of Biology at the University of Virginia Charlottesville. 

John Rogers

John worked in the lab as a undergraduate developing transgenic approaches in the starfish Patiria miniata. He is now a medical student at USC

Miranda Vogt

Miranda worked as an underdgraduate with Nat Clarke on development of the sea anenome Nematostella vectensis. 

Marcin was a graduate student in the lab from 2007 to 2012. His work focussed on the role of Nodal signaling in the early development of S. kowalevskii. He is now the manager of the National Xenopus Resource at the MBL.